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Having worked in the commercial arts industry as a designer, art director, animator, 3d modeler and more; Tom has realized that his hunger for creative expression will forever remain unfulfilled if only limited to applied arts. With this realization he returned to his roots and began creating his first series titled Artformorphosis.

Born in communist Wroclaw, Poland on February 16, 1970 to Ewa and Maciej Wegrzyn. As an only child Tom was eluded the company of siblings. At an early age his preference to the arts was prominent. Unlike other children his attention remained inside with his paintbrushes rather than outside with friends. At the age of six Ewa decided to enroll him in a school for fine arts, it was obvious to her then that her son's talent spanned beyond drawing, it was his passion.

In the early 80's Tom's mother was heavily involved with the anti-communist freedom movement 'Solidarity'. With overflowing members of the movement being unfairly prosecuted, she was left with no other choice but to flee the country. In 1980, two weeks before Martial Law was introduced, the family escaped Poland. For a year they found temporary shelter in refugee camps in Austria. Yet, wishes for a better life remained alive, and in 1981 the family was accepted into Canada.

In the course of 36 years, Tom relocated 40 times in 5 different countries. Life was literally in a suitcase. The only factor that was ever constant was art. It became the roots that were always present to hold his life together. It was the one variable that never changed. It was the glue that held it all together.

Frustrated with the fine art industry in Toronto for its lack of enthusiasm, Tom turned to commercial art in hope to find a creative outlet that would allow his self-expression to flourish. Shortly after graduating at the top of his class from Sheridan College he began illustrating for Marvel Comics in New York. He worked on over 50 titles, that included; Hulk, X-Men, X-Caliber and many more. Five years later he returned to Sheridan College, for computer animation. Graduating with honors granted Tom employment opportunities in California. While living in Los Angeles he worked in the film industry, as a 3d Modeler, animator, motion artist and lighting director. Some films include; Cats and Dogs, Doctor Dolittle and Scooby Doo. Tom has worked with many high profile clients and has the ability like a chameleon to change his creative style to the clients needs. Returning to Toronto in 2002 Tom had the chance to work as a creative/art director for the advertising industry and was able to put together an impressive client list. At the tender age of 38 Tom is very thankful for the ability to choose his clients and the projects he wants to work on.