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Timeless expressions of mysticism, truth, love, sexuality, and tragedy.
Tom Wegrzyn is an artist of truly enigmatic versatility-with a raw talent for capturing the illimitable essence of the human spirit and making it tangible. Wegrzyn's works evoke emotion and wonder from art all enthusiasts'. His esteemed name and collection will radiate throughout the ages. We salute you Tom Wegrzyn.
Renee Ford

Astounding and poetic. Graceful and Insightful. Striking yet Peaceful.
Tom brings to his pieces hidden emotions and a deceptively elementary display of humanity. In my home his collections create wonder and intrigue, evoking a ceaseless introspection. No doubt many have felt the way I do about Tom's work. His work is simply brilliant.

Frances Xavier

Tom, your work speaks to me. I feel connected to mankind through your work and my darkest hours do not seem as so. It is a rarity for an artist to achieve so much through one painting as you have managed to. Your painting has not only become part of my home, as it sits above my dining table, but a part of my very being. Thank you, thank you, thank you Tom.
Mary Capin

Tom, I'm a huge admirer of your talent and ability. Seeing the end result of
your work often has me wondering how you could start with nothing and end up
such an original result. You're an artist in the true sense of the bring canvas to life!

Marcus Woodley

Tom, thank you for the beautiful painting - it is so spectacular. Don't ever stop creating this beautiful art for the world to see.
Karol Gregorczyk

Tom, I take my hat off to your work may you have continued success.
Mark Labas

Wow! Your artwork is phenomenal! You Tom, have that rare ability to look at and capture to the canvas the "quintessential essence" of the desired image. Your sense of proportions, use of color, and delivery of "mood" makes your work truly enduring and enjoyable. Realism or abstract, oil or water, traditional style or modern boldness, all your art shouts of excellence!
Again, bravo! 
Keep up the production.  I expect you to be famous someday.


Your work is truly inspiring! Tom, you’ve shown so much love and passion in your work by the details and effort you put into each piece. Keep up the good work!
Damian Tran

Deep, revealing, current, inspirational. Tom Wegrzyn has captured the essence of emotion, creating unique beautiful paintings. These works of art compel you to be drawn in; each painting telling a different story to each viewer. You are an extremely talented artist and I feel so fortunate to have your art in my home. The artwork is exceptional and I highly recommend you to every art lover.
Sabrina D'Amico

Tom Wegrzyn is an undiscovered gem! His artwork is inspired and superlative. It has an ability to transfix the viewer. His creations titillate the senses with their sumptuous beauty, intricate details, colours, forms and textures. His style has an originality all of its own. In my opinion, his masterful work belongs in all of the greatest art museums around the world for everyone to be able to appreciate and pay homage to.
Filomena Jolic

In all my years of working closely with designers and artists, I've never found an artist like you Tom, who is so meticulous  in paying attention to the finest detail. Your quality of work is unreachable. I never cease to be amazed and awed by whatever you put your hand on.
Tassos Makrakis

Tom is a master. His talent is undeniable. He captures images with more precision and detail than the human eye. He impacts the art scene and his work will move you in a way you did not think was possible.

I have a Tom Wegrzyn original entitled "comfort".  It is a very unique piece: this painting captures the essence of it's title and is the pride of my art collection.
Renee Ford

Tom is one of the most talented artist I know, and also a creative inspiration to me. He has the skills, and talent to produce anything his clients envision. Combine that with his passion and personal drive to push the boundaries of visual expression, and you have yourself a modern day D'avinci!