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My most consuming passion has always been the art of painting. However,
I’ve had a persistent fascination with sculpture architecture and design.
In this collection ‘Artformorphosis’ I have chosen to fuse them as a whole to
create one.
To the naked eye the inspiration, theme and life events that made this collection

possible may not be evident. Thru painting I escaped from my own reality.
Painful experiences during my lifetime have led to the creation of
The canvas reflects an open wound or the healing process. However the story is

that of the walks of life and experiences of people. Throughout life one may be
scared in many ways. It could be either by a painful situation and or experiences.
However my depiction of scars is to show the untold beauty that lies beneath the
pain. Personal experiences led me to express my self thru painting allowed me to
reconnect with my self and the healing process began. 
Even though the dark stages of my life left scars they allowed me create these

beautiful pieces and escape thru them. I also hope that they portray the strength
we all carry within and the will power to overcome.